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Free and open source PHP Blog Projects. Blogs projects allow you to setup your own weblog on the Web by providing an interface to manage your posts.
  1. Sweetcron
    444 total visits
    Sweetcron is a self-hosted lifestreaming application that supports themes & plugins. Sweetcron is a free PHP Blog project, it is based on the CodeIgniter php framework, from EllisLab. Features of Sweetcron:- Automatic Import: Uploaded a photo to flickr? Bookmarked a new site? In a few minutes it will show up on your blog!- Easily Customisable: Edit simple templates to change ...
  2. Blogmer
    762 total visits
    Blogmer is an Open Source PHP Blog and using the popular MySQL database back-end to store data. It is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized websites which require an easy to use blog without the bloat, that produces standards compliant output, is secure and easily configurable.Unlike other popular PHP Blog systems, Blogmer does not strive to have as many ...
  3. 1Line Blog
    526 total visits
    1Line Blog is yet another great product from 1Line Design, It is powered by PHP and using MySQL as database storage. 1Line Blog is an free PHP Blog project. It has a template based system so will allow theme design PHP Blog very easy, we have also included an easy installer for this script to make your job quick and ...
  4. Atom PhotoBlog
    466 total visits
    Atom PhotoBlog is a free PHP Blog project. The word Atom in the title indicates just this fact - we have created a kernel of such a blog, there's nothing missing, but also, there's nothing nagging. Thus, these scripts perform extremely good. The code was developed for PHP5, hence, it performs extremely good. The code comes along with some simple ...
  5. No Screenshot
    507 total visits
    Horizon Blogging Software is a light-weight blogging platform coded in PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. It is a PHP Blog software. It uses virtually zero images in the user-viewable pages which makes WAY faster than WordPress which is excellent for users that are on Dial Up. With the release of Horizon Blogging Software v1, many changes have been brought forth such ...
  6. KubeBlog
    623 total visits
    KubeBlog is a free and easy to use PHP Blog script, you can install on your own website, which allows you to run your own blogs.Features of KubeBlog:- Easy to edit html template files- Simple wizard installation- Powerful Admin panel for controlling your siteRequirements:- PHP- MySQLInstallation:- Upload all files via ftp to your website- Chmod includes/config.php to 0777- Chmod images ...
  7. WBBlog
    393 total visits
    WBBlog is a single user blogging application written in PHP and uses a backend MySQL database. This program is free software. It is an OpenSource PHP Blog project.With the release of WBBlog many changes have been brought forth.Requirements:- Linux, - Apache, - PEAR BBCode Parser,- MySQL,- PHP.
  8. KMB - KwentMailBlogger
    329 total visits
    KMB is an OpenSource PHP Blog software. If you want to publish your thoughts and images from the top of the mountain you just climed instantly to your website,you can try KMB, which is a little MailBlogger. It connects to a certain mailaccount, grabs Emails with a certain Subject, by which it identifies regular entries.It extracts the text and attached ...
  9. WebspotBlogging
    429 total visits
    WebspotBlogging is an OpenSource PHP Blog script to make a blog or news page for your site. WebspotBlogging based upon PHP and MYSQL,which makes it a very fast and easy to use blog. Features of WebspotBlogging:- Expertly designed UI for easy navigation and reading- User accounts to keep your blog secure- User permissions (Admin, Mod, Member)- Comments, so that you ...
  10. phpBB Blog
    495 total visits
    phpBB Blog is a PHP Blog system for phpBB. It features an RSS feed, trackbacks, permalinks, support for BBCode and smileys, monthly archives (MySQL only), preliminary support for PostgreSQL and MS SQL, 7 optional stylesheets, integration with the phpBB Podcast mod, and GEO meta tags.phpBB is a free PHP Blog project.Features of phpBB Blog:- phpBB Blog is now aware of ...
  11. Bloggie Lite
    468 total visits
    Bloggie Lite is the lite version of myBloggie, which is an open-source PHP Blog publishing system licensed under the GPL. Built using PHP & mySQL, web most popular scripting language & database system enable Bloggie Lite to be installed in any webservers. It was built using the new generation of scripting concept for future consideration. It's simple, user-friendly, equipped with ...
  12. WordPress Installer
    316 total visits
    Wordpress installer is free friendly gui for installing wordpress, which is a free PHP Blog software. Easily set the mysql database, mysql user, mysql user password, host, port ,table prefixdatabase charset and collation, language, bydefault the secret keys are automatically generated, but you can override this and add your own keys, without editing wp-config.php With the wordpress installer you can ...
  13. myBloggie
    437 total visits
    myBloggie an open-source PHP Blog system. myBloggie is built using PHP & mySQL, web most popular scripting language & database system enable myBloggie to be installed in any webservers. It is considered one of the most simple, user-friendliest yet packed with features Weblog system available to date. Template based designed enable you to customize myBloggie easily & to create your ...
  14. kure
    808 total visits
    Kure is a free PHP Blog software,which is a simple and portable blogging engine written in PHP. It runs on a flat-file database, meaning it stores its posts and information in straight-up text files rather than database systems. No database systems are required. Kure sports a templating engine to suit your styling needs and a plugin engine to suit your ...
  15. Maran php Blog
    531 total visits
    Maran php Blog is a simple Blog app, using flat file txt as database store content, is not using mySQL DB. Has archive pages, search, and comments. Is designed for small pages, small projects. Instalation:- Copy file in root site folder. - Create one folder "/imgblog/" and set chmod 666 or 777.- Create one folder "/maranlog/" and set chmod 666 ...
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