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Free and open source PHP Blog Projects. Blogs projects allow you to setup your own weblog on the Web by providing an interface to manage your posts.
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    Simblog is a new project and is currently in pre-beta stage, which aims to be one of the most easy-to-use and lightweight blogging platforms. It uses PHP5 and is strongly OOP oriented and PDO for the Database management and will include a MongoDB version in the future. It offers support for nosql for easy installation. It doesn't use a framework, ...
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    staticDimension is a PHP static blog generator, which is a complete platform that generates a blog as static HTML pages. Features of staticDimension:- Manage blog posts- Manage static pages- Admin panel- Easy installer- Markdown to style text- Settings page What's New in This Version:- Neatened up the manage files control panel and fixed issues with breadcrumbs not linking properly.- Fixed ...
  3. Blite
    416 total visits
    Blite is a lightweight blog application designed to be quick, easy to use and light on server resources. It's written in PHP and uses a SQLite database. Requirements- PHP 5.3 (or later)- The sqlite PHP extension What's New in This Version:- htmlspecialchars() for comment Name and Website fields.- Detect and remove <a href="javascript:..."> links in comments.- Make the 'edit comment' ...
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    Cells blog is a free but powerful mini-blog system and can run on any web server that can excute PHP script codes. It comes alone with the SQLite data base so you can copy and play without any installation. Installation: - copy the whole directory onto your website.- excute index.php in the root.- it will start the configuration at the ...
  5. cataBlog
    270 total visits
    cataBlog is a multi-user blogging system that allows entries to be catorogized for easy topical browsing. It runs on top of the Core Enterprise PHP Application Framework. cataBlog object oriented and able to be embedded into other applications.
  6. PluXml
    585 total visits
    PluXml is a simple flat-file blog system and written in PHP and stores content in XML files. Features of PluXml:- Graphic installer- Admin panel- Login system- Content manager- Plugin manager- User management- Media manager- Theme manager- Multilingual Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- PHP's GD library What's New in This Version:- Security and SEO (duplicate content) were improved.
  7. php Blogger
    500 total visits
    php Blogger is an open source Microblogging System that you can download and use for free. Features of php Blogger:- Search engine friendly urls.- Full template driven (Smarty PHP Template Engine).- Google Adsense Integration.- Advanced caching for high traffic sites.- Stop Forum Spam Integration. In recent years, people are talking a lot about help desk software of website, with many ...
  8. Indexhibit
    895 total visits
    Indexhibit is a free web publishing blogging platform built on minimalistic design principals, it allows visitors and editors alike to focus on the content itself. It posts support all king of content, including text, images, movies and sound. An admin panel is provided for managing content.
  9. OneBlog
    468 total visits
    The OneBlog is a lightweight Blog Solution with BBCode, Smileys, Admin Area, Statistik, Search, Comments, Captcha & XSS Protection and so on. Features of OneBlog: - Kommentarfunktion- Admin Bereich- Captcha-Schutz- BBCode & Smileys- Badword-Filter- Löschfunktion- Editierfunktion- Statistik- Suchfunktion- RSS-Feeds- XSS Schutz- SQL-Injections-Schutz
  10. SweetRice
    225 total visits
    SweetRice is an open source PHP blogging platform and can be used from building simple personal weblogs, to advanced complex news press centers.Features of SweetRice:- Graphic installer- Multi-database support- Categories- Comments moderation- Backup utility- Themes- Plugins- Admin dashboard- Updates notification- WYSIWYG editing- SEO friendly- Cache management- InternationalizedRequirements:- PHP 4.3 or Higher- MySQL 4 or Higher (if not using PostgreSQL or ...
  11. Impact Plus
    331 total visits
    The best blog cms ever made, including features that don't have any other blog cms scripts. Impact Plus is full featured PHP, MySQL and jQuery Powered blog script with lots of features such as file uploading, themes, plugins, comments, pages, categories, archives, multi user levels, messaging auto update, one click addon installations, ets
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    231 total visits
    Laguna is a PHP static blogging engine. It uses templates to render out pages/posts/articles and static files to store content as plain text.Features of Laguna:- Save content locally as .txt files- Admin backend- Password protected- Easy to style- RSS feed- Archive page- Style text using Markdown
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    224 total visits
    KAMESHsoft mobile blog generator allows you to create web pages from your mobile phone. No database required to install and only direct to use.
  14. Globber
    316 total visits
    Globber is a fast and easy to use/modify blogging engine with PHP, MySQL and Markdown support. If you have installed it and added content, the user must press the rebuild button for the blog to be reassembled and all the changes to appear.Features of Globber:- Caching- Google sitemap- Tags- Spam-filter (Askimet)- RSS2 news feed- Easy template and plugin support- Article ...
  15. Chyrp
    519 total visits
    Chyrp is a PHP blogging engine designed to be very lightweight while retaining functionality. It has very powerful theme and extension engines, so you can personalize it however you want. The code is well-documented, and it has a very stucture that's loosely based on the MVC design pattern. There are many things special about Chyrp, but the best way to ...
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