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Free and open source PHP Blog Projects. Blogs projects allow you to setup your own weblog on the Web by providing an interface to manage your posts.
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    Subtle is a customizable Wordpress theme framework with built-in i10n, widget handling, simple dashboard administration, and support for FeedBurner and Wordpress Multiuser.
  2. wheatblog
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    Wheatblog (wB) is an open source blogging and content management system (CMS) utilizing PHP and MySQL or SQLite.wheatblog is used for maintaining blog/weblog and news pages and includes an assortment of attractive, customizable design templates.
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    Hogit' s Wordpress Warcraft Themes, Wordpress themes from Hogit on Silvermoon.
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    NMDeluxe is an advanced news and blog management system with support for multiple platforms running either PHP 4 or 5 and MySQL 4 or 5. NMDeluxe is currently in stable release and in continuous development in the 2.x.x release tree.
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    Glogs is blogging engine written in PHP.
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    sBLOG is a small and simple blog written in PHP, using MySQL as data storage. sBLOG is very easy to install, use and maintain.
  7. SkratchPad
    1978 total visits
    SkratchPad is an enhanced and pre-configured version of WordPress for use by projects in order to author, share and maintain information and content.
  8. Qikblogger
    1743 total visits
    Qikblogger is a clone of It is a multi-user multi-blog engine (PHP + MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite) with support for permalinks, tags, RSS and customised themes (using Easy Template System).Motivation:The motivation behind Qikblogger is to provide an ideal solution for corporates, communities, institutions, organistaions and universities interested in providing a blogging space of their own.Features of Qikblogger:- Multi-user Multi-blog support- Custom theme ...
  9. CodewiseBlog
    1259 total visits
    CodewiseBlog, a multi-user open source blog system written in PHP.
  10. Jarida
    1517 total visits
    Jarida is a personal blogging software which you can use to run your very own personal blog. It is built on PHP and MySQL. So you need to have PHP of at least version 4.3 upwards and a MySQL (Version > 3.2.x) database for this application to work.Also to make use of the Photo Gallery thumbnail generation features you need ...
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    PHPeasyblog (formerly phpeasynews) is a PHP/mySQL script to allow you to post your thoughts on the web! Can be used as a Blog or News script, although the majority of users will probably use this script as a blogger, therefore I changed the name.
  12. Arabic WordPress
    1836 total visits
    Arabic WordPress, arabic version of WordPress bloging software.
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    Farsiweblog is an object oriented, open source, and modular blogging application.
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    FunBlog is designed to be an out-of-the-box website. Perfect for a personal home page! It includes a blog index page, a guestbook page, a links page, and a photogallery. All you need it PHP. Designed for simplicity, it features a control panel.
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    Mdasx short for Mobile Device Access Subdomain eXtend. Access to your wordpress blog from mobile devices at the subdomain (pda, mobile and the like).
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